The inspiration for “MOTHER THERESA”

76690_165709666783056_1850177_nI’m a religious man,my brother was an altar boy as a kid.I don’t attend church because I believe you can be faithful and pray to your religion.I pray every night faithfully.I read about MOTHER THERESA and her life  so I googled her pictures.This picture hit me very hard emotionally… like a ton of bricks.The picture was beautifull!

The body posture of her praying with her head up was just stunning.The look in her eyes as she prayed was prices…the light shining from her eyes showed her love and admiration for her lord and saviour JESUS CHRIST.While rendering her I felt she was looking over my shoulder as I worked and was proud of it.I didn’t take any pictures as I drew ,,,I forgot  and each step of the process would have been a great record of her progress as I worked on her.Sorry for that .The pictures of the work in progress at each step of the drawing illustrates my style and technique which is realistic or realism,

The story of her life is one of tragedy and ultimately triumph of the spirit.Read her history and you’l agree with everyone that she richly deserves to become a saint.So here’s my picture of “MOTHER THERES AT PRAYER’…’ll agree with me she’s a beautifull lady inside and out.

If anyones interested in buying the original or prints call me for payment options to acquire this beautiful piece of artwork call or email me…1413-9678133   or brijocor@hotmail,com 24/7.


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